Kurtwood Farms...

Through Slow Food International we got to take a tour of Kurtwood Farms, a small local creamery on Vashon Island. Kurt Timmermeister, the farm's owner, gave a wonderful talk that touched a little bit on how part of what he provides is a fantasy to cityfolk. There's an idea that farm life is so quaint and rustic, where one can skip through meadows with a wicker basket collecting vegetables and fruit, and can milk a cow in a little blue dress. Admittedly, I certainly have the fantasy view of farm life, but I know that it's not really the case. But I'd like to pretend! Kurt makes cheeses from his 16 or so dairy cows and they are delicious! We got the chances to sample his camembert and Log Cabin, both made all the better by being so local! I highly encourage you all to see what farms and creameries are in your area and see if you can take a tour. It's a great view of real life on a farm and the joys it can provide! For now his cheeses are only available for retail sale in Seattle and some restaurants in Portland, but keep an eye out! 

If you're like me and live in a large city but secretly wish you lived on a fantasy farm, MaryJane Butter's book is a great one to browse through! Or check out her website here.

Happy fantasy farming, friends! (hey! alliteration!)